Chasing After Your Dreams

August 16, 2013

What is a goal that you have set for yourself? We all have at least one.

Maybe your goal/dream has to do with your appearance. You want to lose weight.

Or a location where you would like to live.

Perhaps a job you desire.

Sometimes we set them so lofty and we just think, “Ya that would be nice, but…” and then we make an excuse about why that dream could never come true.

But why not? Why couldn’t that dream come true? What is keeping you from pursuing it?

Dreams take sacrifices on our part to come true. Many times we just expect them to land in our lap with no effort on our part. We see the fame and fortune of others and wonder, “Why can’t that kind of thing happen to me?” We see the overnight success of a group of people and become frustrated.

I heard an interview with the band fun. where they talked about the truth of their “overnight success.” They had all been in failing bands before and it took years for them to get to where they are now.

The truth is, in most cases, it takes a lot of really hard work to achieve your goals. It is rarely easy.

For those people who don’t work hard and achieve “success,” they will likely fail fast unless they learn to work hard at keeping it.

Nothing comes easy. But we must make the decision to not let bumps or roadblocks stop us along the way.

I truly believe God has given us each dreams. He wants us to pursue after them and use them for His glory. Even with God giving us these dreams, it doesn’t mean they will be easy things to do.

What in life that’s worth anything is easy? The hard work makes the success that much more wonderful.

In order to reach our goals, we have to start. We have to break out of our normal routines and begin to chase after our dreams. Set small goals for yourself. What are checkpoints you can set for yourself to gauge if you are headed the right way.

Set those small goals and that will make the long road ahead more endurable. It will give you glimpses of hope when your dream seems so far away.

Pursue it though! Break free from normal, and chase the amazing dream that God has placed in your life.

What are your dreams? What is keeping you from chasing after them?