Community is essential

August 15, 2013

I’m one of those guys who thinks I can do things on my own.  I’ve never been much for working in groups. Mostly that’s because I always seemed to get stuck in a group with kids who didn’t want to work……and I liked good grades.

Or when I start something new, sometimes I don’t like to tell people. I don’t want them finding out until I’m perfect at it. I’m finding, though, not telling anyone sets me up for failure though. I have no accountability, no strength to keep myself going when my activity gets difficult.

However, when I tell others, I’m more likely to keep going. They help me to push forward when the initial excitement is over.

My success rate is even higher when I find someone to start with me.

I think this is true for all of us. We were made for community. We need other people. Some of us need more people than others, but all of us need at least one person in our lives to help push us forward. 

We desire companionship with others, a friend to lean on and go through life experiences with. It is a wonderful thing to find that companion.

We really do succeed more with others. 

This is one reason I don’t understand why people decide to not be a part of the church. 

“I’m a Christian but I hate the church and I don’t need it.” But the church is a community of people all trying to live this Christian life together. 

Yes, it’s true the people in the church are flawed. It’s true some churches do a better job than others at living out the Christian life. But we shouldn’t be so quick to write them all off.

When we find that group of people who will build us up to keep pressing forward to the prize that God has promised for a faithful life in Christ, it is the find of a lifetime!

Community is a part of who God is: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Why would we even want to go through life alone? Why would we want to live out our faith separately from the body of Christ?

Get plugged in somewhere. If you are starting a new activity, clue someone in to help you along the way, someone you can trust to push you when you don’t want to be pushed. 

If you are a Christian, find a community of believers. Help each others live out your faith. It is a lot easier to do this with others to help you along.