The Super Bowl is this Sunday! Personally I don’t see what all the hype is about. In the past we have never scheduled to have such lavish parties and gatherings. I thought we were growing out of this stage in America.

Yet we will gather around our TVs in anticipation. All to see if the groundhog sees his shadow or not. I’m cheering for the little guy to not see it. Not because I don’t want more winter…I just don’t like seeing him so frightened.

What’s that? I’m getting told the groundhog has nothing to do with the Super Bowl. Who knew?

The Super Bowl is one of America’s favorite festivities. Even those who don’t watch football still gather together with other people in their homes, churches, restaurants or anywhere else the game is playing to have a great time.

We eat foods we now associate with the big game. Chips and cheese, certain dips are made, soups, sandwiches, or smokies are all snacks I’ve witnessed. It really can be a great time with friends and family.

However the game isn’t a glamorous time for everyone. Not for the innocent people who are being forced to prostitute themselves before, during, and after the game. Prostitution is known to skyrocket in the city of the big game.

With a higher “target audience” those in charge make sure there are plenty of women available to fill the “need.”

It’s sick and wrong. It makes my heart heavy and my stomach turn.

In the past people have looked at prostitutes as immoral women, flaunting their bodies around just to make a buck. But no woman grows up wanting to live like that. She’s forced to, either because she has genuinely seen no other way out of a crisis or she’s been abducted and trafficked. And it does happen in the USA. We are not immune, but we have been blind.

I bring all this up, not to shame you for enjoying the Super Bowl. It’s not so you skip out on meeting together and rooting on your team or to make you feel guilty for having a good time.

I bring it up because the reality is, these horrific acts are happening every year and we as a nation have turned a blind eye. Without being informed of the situation, it can never change. And when we are informed, we must do something.

Maybe its praying. Start praying for these girls. That they may be freed. That they can come to know how they are worth so much more than they have been told.

You can help raise awareness. Find information and share it. Like a Facebook page so you become more aware yourself and share the information with others. Write a blog post. Talk with friends and family. The Covering House is an organization based in St. Louis that works to free and protect women who have been trafficked.

Donate Money to the cause. It is definitely a cause worth some investment. It takes finances to push any cause along. Partner with an organization working to end sex trafficking.

Volunteer. Another way you can help is by volunteering time and energy. You may not be able to help directly with a safe house or with the women who are being protected (for safety reasons) but there are many ways you can volunteer. Just contact an organization like The Covering House to see how you can help.

Don’t pass up the opportunity to make a difference. The situations are real. The need is great. This is a terrible human injustice and it needs to be stopped.

You can still enjoy the big game this Sunday but please don’t forget those who are not able to enjoy it. Take a stand for individuals who are unable to do it on their own.

What other organizations do you know of that combat sex-trafficking? What other ways do you know of to help?