Facebook Status that Exploded: Celebrating 2 Years

August 22, 2013

This post started as a Facebook status. As it grew I realized it may fit better as a blog post. People tend to be more okay with blog posts being lengthy. 

It’s alright you can admit when you see a long status you think, “oh for crying out loud! Just tell me you are in a good mood and then move on!” So here it is!


On the morning of Monday August 22, 2011 we left out house in Curryville, MO and headed 4 hours south to begin a new chapter in our lives. It is a strange feeling, knowing everything you own is in a U-haul and a couple cars. It was a bit scary because we had not really lived away from family, and this was a place we didn’t really know.

The bootheel of Missouri is a strange land. Erase from your mind anything you know about southern, MO (aka Branson and rolling hills filled with trees). The bootheel is flat, farmland. I didn’t even know cotton was grown in Missouri until we moved down here!

But it has been amazing and became home so quickly for us! Noah began to really walk as we unpacked boxes. We celebrated his first birthday here. The only home Aaron has ever known is right here. Those in the church made us feel welcome immediately! We have had so many help us and encourage us these last couple years. We are truly blessed by everyone here! 

The ministry position I get to work in is amazing! I can’t imagine doing anything else. I love doing Youth Ministry and I especially love doing it here in Malden! The average Youth Minister stays in a position for 18-24 months. I’ve said from the beginning that I’m out to smash that number. I want to help bring it way up! 

It takes a while to really get the ball rolling when working in ministry. People have an idea of what my job should look like. They have the example of those who came before me. People can look at me and think, “Who does he think he is coming in here and telling us what to do? He’s not from around here.” I’ve not really experienced that here, but I have taken things slowly.

We have so many kids involved with youth group. They are growing and challenging each other. It is so amazing to watch! I’m excited to continue the ministry here.

Basically this post is a very small update to celebrate living here in the bootheel for 2 years. We are so excited to see what God has in store for our future as we continue the work he has laid before us.

Thanks for all those who pray for us!


2 Responses to “Facebook Status that Exploded: Celebrating 2 Years”

  1. Dan said

    Well said, Brandon. And you get bonus points for knowing that “bootheel” in SE Missouri is one word!

  2. claudia said

    I found your blog on a google search re: John Acuff’s past adventure. Wondering why you stopped blogging again!

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