You Aren’t “Just” Anything

August 1, 2013

People who know me know I’m a Youth Minister. I work for a church and am in charge of lesson planning, recruiting, and activity planning for the youth group. I absolutely love my job and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. 

Not everyone feels that way about Youth Ministers. I know people who view this job as a stepping stone to become the lead minister. Others (who are not in ministry) sometimes as when I’m going to become a “real” pastor or when I plan on moving up.

There are times when people have referred to my job as “just” the youth minister.

For a while I let that kind of thing get to me. Just the youth minister? Is it some sort of lesser calling than other kinds of ministry? What do they mean by throwing in that 4 letter “j” word?

When people use that in reference to what you do, it makes a person feel lesser in some way.

Just the teacher’s aide,

Just a general practice doctor,

Just a volunteer,

Just a musician,

Just a writer,

and on and on we go.

Let me tell you though, you are not just anything! 

If you are following the call of God in your life then what you are doing matters. If you are using the gifts our Father has given you, then there is no insignificant way you are contributing.

God has a place for each of us in life. He has a call and a purpose for us all. When we listen to that call, people may not understand. They may try to guilt you into doing something “greater.” The problem with that is when we are following God’s lead, there is absolutely nothing greater we could be doing!

If you have been listening to the lies others have been telling you, that your call from God isn’t big enough or isn’t good enough, tune them out. 

Run from those voices. Plug your ears while singing “lalalalala.” 

God has given you a purpose to fulfill. Our responsibility is to live it out, no matter what other people are saying about it.

If you have been avoiding your call because of what others might say or do, push through that barrier. 

There is no greater place to be than in God’s will.

You aren’t just anything.


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