Hammer on Anvil Post: Practice Makes Perfect…But It Takes Time

July 10, 2013


Have you ever started an activity only to quit after a short time because it seemed too impossible? I’m talking anything:


Learning a new style of dance











Learning an instrument


Picking up a new job




Often times we become interested in learning something new because we have witnessed someone else performing their trade perfectly. As we watch, in the back of our minds we think, “It would be so cool to be able to do that! I think I’ll try to learn.”


The problem is, we are left in awe by people who have been doing those things for years and have learned to perfect their art. We are just beginners, and as beginners often are, we are messy, awkward, and down right not any good. 


So we get frustrated and we quit.


But we have forgotten something. Most of those people who left us inspired, have been working hard at it a long time and started out just as frustrated and terrible as we currently find ourselves.

(You can read the rest of the post by clicking here)


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