Time and Space to Be Productive

July 9, 2013

Being in a ministry position means often times working in an office. I mean, the church gives you a workplace and they expect you to use it.

It’s really nice because it means that I have a different place to store all of my ministry related items (or other random possessions that I enjoy) and they aren’t taking up space at home. 

I was actually super excited to have such a big office when we moved here almost 2 years ago. That being said, I hated working in my office. It was greyish on the top half and purple on the bottom. I’m not talking a nice purple either. It was dark and dull. Basically, I felt as if I was working in a prison cell. No window, florescent lighting, not fun.

So I changed it. It’s yellow (like the sun), green (like the outdoors), several lamps light the room, and big posters of wooded areas and the mountains. It feels so much more alive and vibrant, and it actually helps me to be more productive. 

I know sometimes people do not have the option to change up their work space. You can’t exactly do some major modifications to a cubicle, or there may be other restrictions in the way. 

It is so important for us to find space (and time) to be productive. We may not be able to make the time every single day, but we need to have a regular time.

Finding a space we can call our own helps us to be more productive at work, home, school, and in extra activities. 

These places help to rejuvenate us. In ministry, it’s really easy to get bogged down with the expectations I have of myself as well as the expectations 100+ other people have of me. My stress would only be multiplied by a work space that was dead and uninviting.

Nearby Pond


Special Room in the House

Coffee Shop

Your Office

Wooded Area

Certain Couch

Working on a Project

Low Lit Area

Brightly Lit Area

It could be any number of places, and it may take some trial and error to figure out just where you can be the most productive. Even if you don’t figure it out right away, keep searching.

The next thing to remember is to not be ashamed of how your operate.

It is really easy to feel ridiculous for what makes your productive.

When I’m wanting to sit down and flesh out some lesson plans I make sure that the main light is off and turn on my laps. I turn on a certain kind of music and sit on the couch in my office. It doesn’t look super professional, but it works better than anything else I’ve tried. 

Sometimes I start to think about what others might think when they see me working this way.

“Oh he’s slacking off today.”

“Why doesn’t he have his light on?”

“Who works like that?”

“Hope he knows he can’t always work like that, especially when he becomes a real preacher.”

People may or may not be thinking these things but they cross my mind and there have been days I’ve allowed these thoughts to change my working atmosphere.

Don’t let that happen. Work in an environment that promotes productivity for you. The results will speak volumes about how much you have accomplished! Don’t let the words of others (or just what you think the words of others are) get in the way of you doing the best work you can.

The last thing I would say is to remove distractions. If you do work best at a computer and desk, don’t have Facebook open while writing. Seeing or hearing those notifications while trying to focus is a distraction. If your music distracts you, turn it off. Don’t let any distractions keep you from doing your best work in the time and space you have designed to do it.

Find a place to be productive and then actually be productive. It is amazing how much we can get accomplished when we set ourselves up for success. 

Don’t give up.

Keep plugging away.



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