This is Me “Start”ing

July 8, 2013

I’ve been avoiding myself. I’m not even completely sure why. I have no idea what has been causing this illegitimate fear. I’ve been avoiding doing something that I absolutely love to do.


I had this blog and was doing a great job at keeping it up. I worked hard to keep my ideas flowing and write (or type) them down as soon as I could so I wouldn’t forget them. I actually looked forward to sitting down at the computer and typing out my posts. It was one of my favorite activities.

I enjoyed it so much there were days I got up early just to do it!

Sometimes my posts could have been more thought out, or maybe some should have had better grammar, but I was working on the blog consistently. I was working hard at it and enjoying the challenge of putting out a new post 4 or 5 days a week.

Then I started missing days. I would miss one or two here and there, but then I started missing larger gaps. I guess some part of me was worried that if I tried to pick things back up people would think, “Oh boy, here he goes trying again. We can’t rely on him to keep this up.”

Another fear I had was people wouldn’t like what I typed. They would think it was stupid or just so basic there was really no point in reading the material. I let these fears keep me away from blogging at all.

But here I am, starting up once again. But this time is different. 

You see, Jon Acuff posted on his blog about starting an adventure, and I wanted in. So I emailed my information and have become a part of a Facebook group full of people who are just as excited as I am. We all have fears to “punch in the face.” We all have uncertainty and some of us are down right confused. 

But we all want to beat out average. We want to take some steps to flip the switch from average to awesome. That’s what the group is for. We are going to spend time over the next 24 days (starting July 15) encouraging and challenging each other to take risks. These risks will help us on our adventure to achieve goals that God has placed in our hearts. 

The first step for me, includes getting back to the blog. So although my mission doesn’t officially start up for another week, I’m getting started right now. I’m tired of pushing it off, and for me, it was time to get moving. 

I hope you find encouragement in my writing. I hope you feel motivated to move on and take that first step. 

I was terrified to send that first email to become a part of this Facebook group. I had no idea what was in store, but I knew I wanted to move towards living the awesome life God has in store. 

So there’s a little bit about my fear. There’s a little bit about this adventure I’m starting. And it’s all a little bit scattered and crazy (much like the thoughts running through my head).

But I’m off.

I’ve left the starting blocks. 

I’ve Started. 


5 Responses to “This is Me “Start”ing”

  1. Michelle said

    Brandon, the fear u was having doubts was coming from Satan. Going to pray for u.Do what God puts on your heart don’t care what people think its what God thinks.

    Love u,
    Aunt Shelly

  2. Great come back, Brandon! It might appear as a coincidence; I thought about you just few days back and wanted to contact you. And here comes your email! Here’s my story, Brandon – I too was not blogging for sometime, but I am back now! So let’s do it again. Thank God for His recreating and restating character!

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