Book Review of “Mondays With My Old Pastor”

December 6, 2012

I saw this book was up for review on and I knew immediately that I needed to receive it. I’ve recently become very aware of how much I need the presence in my life of people who have “gone before.”

There is such wisdom in those who have lived a full life and have spent time contemplating it. Reading the name of this book and what it is about, I deeply wanted to read it, and I’m glad I did.

Mondays With My Old Pastor is written by Jose Luis Navajo who is a preacher. He was feeling defeated in his ministry and even tossing around the idea of throwing in the towel. His feelings were not hidden from his wife, so she suggested he visit his old pastor. After having a vivid dream which included the old pastor encouraging him to come to the cross, he set up the first appointment.

They began to meet regularly on Mondays and the old pastor (called that because this man used to pastor the younger man but was now retired) would pour out wisdom and stories to the younger man. Navajo always felt rejuvenated and challenged after his meetings. They met together regularly until the old pastor passed away.

I read through this book with much contemplation. There are so many great lines and teachings from this older pastor. I found myself being rejuvenated and feeling as if I had been right their in their meeting.

I would highly suggest this book to anyone in the ministry. Even if you are not currently feeling like throwing in the towel, this book will be a great resource. I would also encourage the reader to find an older individual who can pour their wisdom out for you and challenge you to continue on the work of the kingdom.


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