Book Review of Surfing For God

October 15, 2012

Sexual addictions are very common in today’s world. This is obvious through the accessibility of pornography, TV ads, shows, movies, scandals, and the amount of books written to help battle the issue. Surfing for God by Michael Cusick is another book written about the problem of sexual addiction and how to overcome it.

Cusick goes about it in a different way. He doesn’t give a 12 step program on how to overcome the addiction. He doesn’t tell the person to work harder. The way Cusick goes about helping is very personal. He tells much of his own story. Cusick was a long time addict and he openly shares some of the lowest points he faced before he was able to overcome the hold this sin had in his life.

Some of this book discusses brain chemistry and why just “working harder” doesn’t work to overcome sexual addiction. He writes about how the brain is changed through addiction, and how powerful the chemicals in our brains can be. His conclusion is that through prayer, allowing God to circumcise your heart, focusing on who you are to become, and correct accountability, people can overcome this sin.

I really enjoyed most of this book. It can be an amazing tool to those who are currently struggling with this issue as well as to help others understand how to help people who are struggling. The way Cusick tells his stories is very helpful. It is easy to feel what he felt and to see where he was coming from, even if you have never gone as far as he had.

I was very concerned about his promoting of Centering Prayer or Contemplative Prayer. As I read his description of this kind of prayer I became very uneasy. This “praying” is very similar to the Eastern Mysticism practice of meditation. It is true that as Christians we are told to meditate on God’s word but that means to dwell on it. We focus on it as we go about our life, we let it change us. This kind of prayer is going into a quiet room and focusing on a word or phrase until you feel something. I am not comfortable with promoting this, and I believe it is very wrong.

Every other part of this book I enjoyed and believe it can be very helpful. I would encourage others to read this book, but to do so with discernment.


One Response to “Book Review of Surfing For God”

  1. SURFING FOR GOD appears to be a good read. Personal testimony can make a powerful impact on people’s lives. Thanks for sharing the review (with a word of caution), Brandon.

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