Top Posts for September 2012

October 1, 2012

It is hard to believe that we are already in October. The month of September had many things happen both in and out of the blogging world for me. We will stick with what has happened in the blog today.

I wrote 16 posts during September.

That is as many posts as I had written from April all the way through August!

It is also the most amount of posts I have written in a month since starting this blog. I was very excited when I realized it.

I have been much more consistent about writing my posts than I have been in recent months and my plan is to continue that this month. I know it didn’t always work out this way, but I still plan to put up a new post Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and on Wednesday put up a link to my post on Hammer on Anvil.

My traffic to the site was actually down from last month, but this is the first month of writing consistently so I wasn’t expecting any different. Here are my top 10 posts from September.

Washing Feet, Scrubbing Toilets, and Other Jobs We Should Seek

Living For Christ Seems Ridiculous

God Stays the Same

Devotion to Christ is Simple? 

Review of Love Does by Bob Goff

How Love Letters Helped Me Reflect

In Good Company

Is Not Sharing an Expression of Hate?

Sacrificing Because Christ Sacrificed: My Post on Hammer on Anvil

Don’t Give Up on Others

I wrote all of these posts, except the book review, this month. I had several people start following the blog or liking my posts this month. My top liked posts were “Don’t Give Up on Others” and “Share it.”

Thank you all for continuing to visit the site and read the posts I put up. If you ever have feedback, just leave a comment and I’ll get back with you!

What was your number one post for September on your blog?


2 Responses to “Top Posts for September 2012”

  1. Though I couldn’t read all the posts, I have been watching your vibrancy and consistency all through September. Great work, Brandon! I know you can do it!

    By the way, today I launched my new coaching website+blog! Please browse through and send me your valuable feedback and suggestions for improvement. Here the link:

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