Don’t Give Up on Others

September 28, 2012

You may or may not know this about me, but sometimes I get frustrated. I mean fists clenched, jaw set, my mind can think of no good things frustrated. In these moments of complete frustration it is hard for me to think of a way out or possible solutions.

Instead of taking charge of the situation and deciding to be spurred on to change the outcome or not allow the drama in my life, all too often I just accept the situation as is and decide nothing can be done about it.

I’m guilty of feeling this way about people as well. I like to see people grow into the individuals in the community of Christ that God desires them to be. But sometimes there are set backs or temptations and people fall. Many times I am available and help those who are struggling.

However, there have been times that instead of being willing to help, I get frustrated and begin to write the people off. “Well, I guess their faith is no longer important to them.” I thought about how I have done this in the past. There is one struggle that I become aware of in someone else and I immediately begin to wonder how they could just throw out their faith.

It is so wrong of us to think or feel that way. Yes, we should be concerned when a brother or sister in the faith is struggling. We should be concerned when we see less of them than normal, or when some of their actions are changing for what seems like the worse. We should not give up on them though.

In these moments of struggle, temptation, questioning, or weakness are exactly when our brothers and sisters need us most! They need to know we are not giving up on them or just assuming they are “too far gone.”

Think of times when you have gone through the same thing and think about the people who were there for you. If there were no people there for you, think about how much of a difference that would have made.

We can’t just give up on people. They are too important. God sent His Son to this world to take away the sins of the people we are giving up on. He followed through to the death. We need to have absolute commitment and follow through as well.

My encouragement is just to not give up on others. Keep praying for them. Keep loving them.

If the person is your child, don’t give up.

If they are in your youth group, don’t give up.

Don’t give up on your neighbor

Don’t write off your sibling

Keep being there for your roommate

Whoever it is, don’t give up. Right now may be the time they need you the most.


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