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September 27, 2012

I don’t like to look stupid. I know that may come without saying, because most people don’t like it, but I really  do not like it.

When meeting people, I am often pretty quiet. I think it’s because I like to evaluate the people I am meeting. I want to hear and see what they are like before opening myself up. My mother-in-law made the comment once that she thinks I said about 3 sentences the first few times I met her.

I am beginning to realize, and maybe I’m a bit slow in this realization, that there is a lot of stuff happening in my head at any given time. I have quick thoughts, long drawn out thoughts, or a series of them all strung together. The problem is, so many times I never share them with anyone.

So I have these thoughts floating in my head; sometimes I write about them, sometimes I think about them for months, and then other times I forget them until much later.

My wife and I talked yesterday about a couple things she has been thinking about for a few months. Sharing stuff out loud helps make it so much more real. It is no longer just some abstract idea. When it comes out of our mouths it has the ability to now take form. We now have someone we can share these ideas with.

Sharing our thoughts really does make a huge difference. Sure, there are all kinds of reasons to not share. Someone may make fun of us, push back on the idea, poke holes in it, not understand, or they may tell someone else.

But some of those reactions, like the push back, may actually help our ideas to grow. We grow as individuals so much more in community with others than we ever could by ourselves. This is why it is so important to find someone with whom you can share your thoughts.

That idea you have, may just change the way you live your life. It might end up helping so many people around you, and maybe even others you don’t know. Your idea could turn out to be a blessing, or develop into a book. It may be just what someone else needs to hear.

You have no idea the power in your ideas, and you won’t begin to discover it until you share it with someone else. So find someone, and tell them what you have been thinking.


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