Living for Christ Seems Ridiculous

September 25, 2012

Alright it is confession time. What I am about to admit here on the internet where everyone can see may seem a bit ridiculous to you. In fact, there are times it seems a bit ridiculous to me. This is humbling to say right here to you, but I am going to just come right out and say it.

I am afraid of balloons.

Someone thought it would be funny to fill my office floor with balloons…

It’s true. They terrify me. I hate the way one looks all blown up, stretched to it’s limits, just waiting to explode. I hate the way I never know if it is going to pop or not.

I was never a fan of balloon games in Youth Group growing up. I didn’t like to sit on them, blow them up until they blew up, or stomp on them. You can call me cruel, but these are games I will not lead in my own Youth Group. I know that seems a bit unorthodox, a youth group that doesn’t play balloon games, but it will just not happen. They stress me out too much.

I could tell you more, but I think I have been transparent enough for one day. I will sit here for a moment and allow you to wrap your mind around that bit of information and to maybe pick yourself up off the floor from laughing yourself to tears.

Alright, let’s move on.

The thing is, Christianity is a bit ridiculous to those who do not understand it. Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 1:18, “For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who [m]are perishing, but to us who [n]are being saved it is the power of God.”

It seems foolish, ridiculous, just down right strange. The way we are called to live as Christians does not make sense to the world.

We are to turn the other cheek when someone treats us wrong. (Matthew 5:39)

We should forgive others who have wronged us, even when they continue to do so. (Matt 18:22)

Christ tells us to trust God and not be worried about our lives (Matt 6:25-34)

God calls us to love our enemies and pray for them. (Matt 5:44)

We give up sleeping in on Sunday mornings to meet together in worship. (Hebrews 10:25)

There are so many things we find in Scripture that go completely against how the rest of the world lives. It doesn’t make sense to others why we would serve people and show them love when they don’t deserve it. It doesn’t make sense why we would “die to ourselves” and live our lives in abandon for Christ.

I know those who have gone to do ministry in one way or another and their family and friends do not understand why they would take a cut in pay or move somewhere they don’t know anyone.

My family has struggled with the fact that I work on the weekends so I can’t just skip going to church, even though I would be going to theirs.

Our faith may seem ridiculous, even to other Christians, but God expects us to live it out each day. It doesn’t matter what other people in our lives say about us. We should be living everyday completely for Christ, no matter how strange it may seem.

What are ways living out your faith has seemed ridiculous to those you know?


3 Responses to “Living for Christ Seems Ridiculous”

  1. Sheila said

    Oh boy do I remember your fright of balloons. And we so understand your work and why you need to be there. Just so proud of you for doing the work for the Lord.

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