How Love Letters Helped Me Reflect

September 7, 2012

My wife dug up a bunch of her old love letters. They are ones that she wrote to me and she gave them to me again in a folder. As I read through these letters I was filled with such joy and even had some tears running down my cheek (I’m not afraid to admit it!) as I remembered the conversations we had in those beginning months and even the first year or two of dating and then being married.

Some of the Letters from Jenny

It also helped me to remember more clearly the person I was. I was able to recall thoughts I had, events we did together, feelings I had for both her and life in general. It was refreshing and a bit eye-opening.

Sometimes we forget where we have come from. Without proper reflection we tend to believe we have always lived life exactly as we have lived it now. You don’t believe me? If you have children, tell me, how did you spend all that free time before you had children? You can’t remember can you? Don’t worry, neither can we!

It is good to have times of reflection. It is good to look back on your life and see where you have traveled. I am not saying to live in the past and try to always be living in the “glory days.” I am saying to think about who you used to be and see how far you have come. If you don’t know where you came from, you may have forgotten where you are trying to go.

This is why it is good to write goals for yourself (both short and long-term). Sometimes we think we are right on track with where we have been trying to go, but we have forgotten the destination and are in fact moving towards something completely different.

Some people find it beneficial to write a journal. It keeps their thoughts fresh in their mind and also gives them point of reference into their past.

It is good to remember. If you have not spent time reflecting recently, I encourage you to do it. It may be quite an eye-opening experience. Hopefully it is refreshing and encourages you to run the race with even more passion!


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