You Never Know Who Is Listening

August 22, 2012

Today I received a call from my land lady. Now I was not surprised about this. I had called her yesterday to let her know I dropped off rent.

But when I talked with her she told me that she was calling because I had just called her. Very quickly in my mind I began to run through scenarios.

A group I get to shine Christ’s light to

Had her phone just received the call I made yesterday?

Was she incorrectly looking at the time of the call?

Then she went on to say “I think a button must have just been pressed though because I just heard Noah crying.”

Then it clicked. My son had been having somewhat of a rough morning. He kept crying and there were several times he could have pressed the call button: when he hugged my leg, or sat on my lap.

When I really started thinking about the situation I became so grateful that there was nothing else going on. Instead of Noah, I could have been the one having the bad morning. Then the call gets made, my land lady picks up and she hears me slamming cabinets because we are out of Captain Crunch (FYI, we are  always out of Captain Crunch).

Instead of me comforting my son, she could have heard me getting after him for crying and telling him to “man up!”

It really made me think about how we truly never know who is watching or listening. I don’t say this to make anyone paranoid. I say it so that we are constantly aware of our words and actions.

As Christians we are called to be a light in this world. We don’t shine our own light but it is the light of Christ. We have commands to follow and a Savior to pursue and we need to be working to do that everyday.

Now I know that we will stumble and fall along the way. There will be days that are bad, or mornings people hear us at our worst. Those can be frustrating times, but we just get up, dust off and start following Jesus again.

Too many times we find that we have stumbled and we let that keep us from continuing on, or we are just completely unaware of how we act or what we say. I encourage you to be aware. We want to be living in a way that brings those around us to Christ and not be driving them away.

So when you are around others in church, watch what you say and do.

In the workplace, watch what you say and do.

While hanging out with friends, watch what you say and do.

At family gatherings, watch what you say and do.

And when nobody else is around, watch what you say and do, because you never know when someone may be on the other line.


3 Responses to “You Never Know Who Is Listening”

  1. What you said it so true, Brandon. We must be intentional about our talks and actions because there are people who watch us. Good reminder and great presentation!

  2. Yes, sometimes I forget how careful I must be. Thank you also for all your encouragement the last couple months. I allowed myself to get out of the discipline of writing and your encouragement is one thing that has helped me start again!

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