Taking Steps

August 17, 2012

While riding my bike to work today I saw an older couple making their way back up their driveway. They were walking side by side talking as they went.

What I first noticed though was how slow they were going. I’m talking super slow. With each step they were only covering a couple inches. The woman had a cane that she would then slowly pull up along her and then they would take another couple steps to inch their way back up to the house.

My first thought was about how frustrated I would be going that slow. I had already run this morning and now I was riding my bike to work. Going slow is not something I like to do.

I started thinking about our walk with Christ. Paul describes it like a race, telling us to press on toward the prize. He told his readers to follow him as he followed Christ.

We are told to seek the ways of God and place our thoughts on pure things.

What I am getting at is, we are never actually commanded to stop this pursuit. It is as if this journey is going to take the rest of our lives! Each day, picking up our cross (another Bible phrase) and following our Savior, knowing that we can get closer each day but we will never actually be done until we are united with Him at the end of our lives.

There are times during this journey where it may feel like we are wading through waist deep sludge, just trying to make it through. The going is slow and messy but we continue to press on.

Or perhaps, like the couple I saw today, we just cannot move faster anymore. Maybe life has thrown too much at us and we are tired, or we feel beaten up and bruised. We might be arthritic and unable to take large steps, but the important thing is to keep moving.

Even when we see other people zipping by us in their pursuit, let us not get frustrated at the pace we are traveling. Find the strength, if not in you then in the One greater than you, to move your foot one step closer to the King.

Press on!

We are called to pursue Christ and sometimes that is a slow pursuit because of temptation, struggles, or pain, but we must pursue, no matter the size of our steps.


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