Review of “Fearless” by Eric Blehm

August 16, 2012

Fearless follows the life late Nay SEAL Team SIX operator, Adam Brown. Even before the book begins the author makes sure to credit his sources. He received his information from people who knew Brown; so while Eric Blehm never met Brown, all of his sourced did. I received this book for free though Blogging for Books.

Adam Brown was from the town of Hot Springs, AR. He had an older brother and a twin sister. As they grew, Brown almost idolized his brother and wanted to be a hot shot football player just like him. Adam was a daring kid, not afraid of anything. He was smaller than some of the other kids but never let that stop him. He had to work harder to get noticed by coaches but when they noticed, they gained his respect, as did his teammates.

Even though Adam was rushing guys a lot bigger than himself, jumping off bridges, or standing up to a guy with a loaded gun, he was not without a softer side. Adam always put the needs of others above his own. He seemed to seek out opportunities to build others up. When he was in JR. High, Adam stood up for a young man with Down Syndrome, even when everyone else was making fun of the boy. He didn’t seem to care about what others would think of him. He was only concerned with treating other people right as well as testing his own limits.

He hit a rough time in his life when he didn’t really seem to fit in at college. He dropped out and turned to drugs and alcohol. He was a total addict, letting crack rule his life for several years. His parents finally got back in church and began to pray for him and showed him “tough love.” When he was arrested (not the first time) they did not bail him out.

After a year at Teen Challenge his life seemed to be a little more on track and that is when he met Kelly, his future wife.

Even after meeting her, he had a few relapses though but it was her commitment to seeing him overcome his drug problem and a few connections in the Navy that helped him out of that time.

Adam joined the Navy and aspired to be the absolute best at everything he did. It was the hardest work he had ever done, but he went full speed just like he did with everything. Even when his right eye was damaged to the point that it had to finally be taken out, or when his hand was completely crushed and he had reconstructive surgery, he never quit. It was after both of those incidents that he went through the training and was accepted into SEAL Team SIX.

It was during his final mission that Adam was killed in Afghanistan. He was once again looking out for his team but came under some fatal fire. He was always remembered for his bravery, his faith and his friendship.

This book grabbed my attention from the beginning. The further in I read, the more difficult it was to put it down. I was truly inspired by this man’s story.

He displayed incredible bravery. He overcame a drug addiction, which I hear is one of the most difficult things to overcome. He had a relapse and even did it one more time after the birth of his second child, but never again. He constantly looked out for his brothers in arms and never stopped pushing forward, even when others doubted his abilities because of his physical “disabilities.”

But his faith inspired me as well. He was not afraid to die because he knew that even if his flesh was destroyed, his spirit would continue to live. Someone once asked him how he could be religious and do the job he did. He replied “One, I’m spiritual, not religious, and two, I can’t believe you can do what we do and not be.”

His devotion to his family and his job were centered on his devotion to Christ.

I am just amazed at his bravery and his faith and feel after reading his story that I can do (and should be doing) so much more than I am.

If you want to read a story about bravery and a man of faith, I would highly encourage you to pick up a copy of Fearless. You may laugh and cry, but you will be inspired.



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