I first heard about the book Love Does on Donald Miller’s blog where he was praised for the content of the book. When I found it on booksneeze.com, I immediately selected it to read (I was able to get the book for free to review).

Each chapter in this book tells a story. Each story is about Bob Goff’s life. He discusses his childhood, his marriage, sailing to Hawaii, and so much more. After telling the story, Goff ends every chapter with a lesson that he has learned. The applications have to do with becoming a better person and what he has learned about how to follow Jesus. All of these “sub-lessons” each play a part in the main purpose of the book, which is to teach that love does.

Goff believes that love is so much more than just something we say to someone or something we feel. If we are truly loving, then it prompts us to action. We display our love of something or someone through the way we live.  This book often left me singing “Love is a Verb” by D.C. Talk.

I thouroughly enjoyed this book. From the first chapter I was captured. Goff sucked me in with his amazing ability to tell stories. I found myself laughing during just about every chapter. Reading this book was much like sitting down with a friend for lunch and just sharing stories about our lives (only I didn’t do much talking). I was able to glean many lessons from the content of this book and I highly recommend it!

Hopefully, as you read this book you will begin to brainstorms ways to let love do amazing things in your life.

What are some ways you live lovingly toward others in your life?