George Washington Carver

April 6, 2012

I enjoy reading books on history every now and then. It gives great insight to how people used to think or how society used to run. So when I saw the book on ( where I got it for free) George Washington Carver by John Perry from the Christian Encounters Series, I had a strong desire to read it.

I had done a report on George W. Carver in elementary school but all I really knew about him was he had come up with a ton of uses for peanuts.

This book starts by telling on young Carver. He was the son of a slave. After terrible events left him and his brother an orphan he is raised by his mother’s white masters. Carver was a small boy who was not much help around the farm. So he learned how to do indoor chores and he always seemed interested in nature.

As he grew so did his desire to learn. He finally attained his high school education and went on to college. After that (and it was no walk in the park) he taught at Tuskegee, a school for black students. This is where he spent the rest of his working days, even though he was offered some other better paying jobs.

He felt strongly that the Creator (which is how he most often referred to God) had given us creation to study and do the best we could with it. Combined he found hundreds of uses for peanuts, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas, and a few other crops. He loved presenting and sharing how the Creator had guided him to his discoveries. One of his favorite teaching times was an unofficial Bible study he did with students at Tuskegee.

If you are interested in history this is a great book. I learned so much about George Washington Carver that I had never known. He was a great man who gave the credit of his discoveries to God. Everyone did not always understand him and sometimes he came across as pushy but it was because he was trying to live out the potential he felt God was calling him to. This book does a great job of painting the picture of George Washington Carver.


One Response to “George Washington Carver”

  1. Thanks, Brandon for sharing this challenging write-up on George Washington Carver. How awesome is our God who works beautifully in everyone of our lives!

    By the way, how are you doing? It’s been quite sometime that I saw your posts and comments. God bless you! You are doing a great job, Brandon!

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