The Message of Jesus Doesn’t Need You To Make It Cool

March 22, 2012

Anyone who is spreading the news of Jesus has a huge responsibility. We want to make sure we do everything we possibly can to bring everyone we come in contact with closer to Jesus and not push them further away. 

This has led to many discussions about being relevant. Maybe it is because I am in youth ministry but I have heard this discussion a lot when it comes to reaching the next generation for Jesus.

It is a tricky wire we try to cross. Many adults do not want to get involved in youth ministry because they are afraid they will have nothing to offer the kids. They don’t know the right lingo, they don’t dress the same, or their own teenage kids don’t want to hang out with them in public. 

Whatever the reason, many adults shy away from getting involved with teens.

I believe that this is a mistake!

Teens are not looking for someone to be their adult buddy. They don’t need you to be cool. It makes me a little sick to watch adults try to dress in the current teen fashion and talk like them.

You are no longer 16 stop acting like it!

As adults in teens lives we need to act like… well… adults. So many youth don’t have a strong family structure at home. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying we should replace their parents, but we should try to be a source of consistency. We can provide rules for them. Sure they will push back, but as long as you continue to show them love and let them know you are doing this because you care, one day they will get it (or at least most of them will). 

Also, let’s not forget that we are speaking the message of salvation. It has been provided by the God of the universe! He made everything. He sent His perfect Son Jesus to die in our place. He was our sacrifice! 

Please stop referring to God and Jesus in terms that degrade the amazing deity that He is. It is not worth sounding “cool” (again the kids don’t need you to be cool.. they have teen friends for that) to dilute the personality of the amazing God we serve. 

Let’s use some Biblical names for our God, and not new “hip” names (I don’t even care that nobody says hip anymore) that we have come up with to try and reach the next generation. These other names and qualities have been defined to us for a reason. They work in getting across who Jesus really is. 

What I want you to get is the message we carry as Christians is more powerful than we can imagine. It was given to us by God Himself because He sent His Son Jesus to die in our place and we now have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us to help. 

When we show genuine love to teens they will be attracted to it. They will see that you genuinely care and that will be abnormal from what they receive from other adults in their lives. They wont care that you wear suspenders or that your hair is beginning to turn white. As long as they see you care about them, the feeling will be reciprocated. 

And stop trying to make the message of Jesus cool. It is better than cool! It’s salvation. It’s from God and it is a message that has been crafted to last. 


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