Committed to the Ourselves or Committed to Jesus?

March 21, 2012

“Maybe you’ve already decided you’re a follower and Not a Fan; well, I hope you keep reading, because one of the core symptoms of ‘fandom’ is that fans almost always consider themselves to be followers.” Kyle Idleman on page 27 of Not a Fan

I know some people may read that line and then think “well that includes everybody!” That was one of the first thoughts that went in my head.

Either I am a fan and just think that I am a follower or I am truly a follower of Jesus. Was this just some ploy to try and get the readers to continue after chapter one of his book?

I don’t think that is the case. Idleman really wants people to take a careful look into their lives and ask some hard questions.

He wants them to leave the comfortable lifestyle of being a fan (simply liking Jesus) and become an all out follower of Jesus.

Idleman wants his readers to allow their faith to influence other areas of their lives, not just their Sunday morning show. He wants people to go from knowing about Jesus to knowing Jesus.

This book encourages it’s readers to dive into all that Jesus has to offer.

It is not good enough that we simply sing songs on Sunday morning or that we make sure to say things like “God bless ’em.” It is not even good enough that we put a “Jesus fish” on the back of our cars or a bumper sticker with a cool Bible verse.

Idleman wants to see real committed change in the lives of those who love Jesus.

What is even more important though, is that Jesus wants all of these things for us as well! He did not call us so we could continue living exactly as we always have.

God has called us so we can be in communion with Him. It is so we can accept the salvation Jesus provides. We now have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside us.

This calls for some drastic life changes and we can find examples of how to live in Scripture. Check out the story of Paul in Acts. That kind of excitement and devotion is what we have now been called.

So stop settling for what you had before Jesus. Evaluate your life. Are you a fan or a follower? Now do something about it.


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