Influencing When You Don’t Think You Are

March 15, 2012

It is amazing to me at how much we learn from our parents. I hear about how much of an influence our parents have on our lives but most of the time I tend to not really think about it.

Well this weekend, Mom and Dad came down to visit. Then on Sunday we all went to meet with the church at Stokelan Drive. When the Lord’s Supper was passed around, I took each emblem and then leaned forward, folded my hands, and began to pray.

Right as I was leaning forward I caught something out of the corner of my eye. I saw my parents leaning forward in the exact same way as I just had and they were praying.

I have always considered the Lord’s Supper to be a very special time for a Christian. I take the bread and cup very reverently and afterward I follow it with much pray. But I always thought it was something that I had just learned to respect over time, never really associating it with anyone in particular.

Well either my parents passed on a particular gene that causes us to hunch over right after eating tiny pieces of bread and a small cup of grape juice, or I learned this reverence from them.

This got me thinking about how powerful an influence we can be to others without even realizing it.

I have noticed this with my son. I once sat down and grunted a little while doing it as if it were difficult. For weeks after I did, he copied me.

We should make sure that we are modeling what we want other people to follow. Even when we may not think anyone is watching. Often someone is watching, even though we are not aware of it.

Examine yourself. What are the things you do and say every single day? Is it something you want your children, students, or others to copy? You may have a much larger influence on them than you think. Be sure to act intentionally and make sure your actions are ones that God would desire.


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