Top Posts for February 2012

March 6, 2012

I am a little late getting this put together. I have not been quite as diligent with posting as I would like to be but I am going to be making some changes to hopefully help with that. I will let you know more about it after I list the top 8 posts for February. Here they are!

Being a Real Man

What To Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned

The Perfect Father

That Would Never Happen to Me

Don’t Let Your Faith Flatline

Book Review: The Coming Revolution

The Power of a Voice

Tebow and Our Responsibility

From January to February my post about Tim Tebow dropped from number 1 to number 8. Football season was over and he was not quite as popular of a topic. However I believe this is the first time that I have had carry-over into a new month’s list.

Two of my top three had to do with being a man or father. I thought that was very interesting.

As I mentioned I had not been very diligent with writing posts during February as I would have liked. I plan to change that. I want to write four posts a week. I would like to see myself put up a new post Tuesday through Friday.

Sometime I am going to do to help with that is give myself some categories. I started this blog to be a Christian influence online and I want to keep doing that. Now I am going to do that in a different way each day of the week. I am going to finish out this week writing just as I always have.

Starting next week I will be writing in these categories.

Tuesday: Weekly Verse. I will be taking a verse from Scripture and writing specifically about it. It may be a verse that has caught my attention or one that people seem to have a lot of questions about.

Wednesday: Quotes. As I read through articles and other blog posts I come across quotes that grab my attention. I will be posting those on Wednesdays and my thoughts about them.

Thursday: Ministry. I work in a church doing Youth Ministry so that will definitely be a topic that comes up in my Thursday posts. However I will also be writing about ways that different groups of people can get involved in ministry.

Friday: Hot Topics. On Fridays I will be posting about a current hot topic in our culture and a Christian response to it. It can be from Hollywood to politics to weather patterns (I know, that last one really grabs your attention doesn’t it?).

I hope you are as excited as I am about this change to my blog. I want to do the best I can to live a Christian life in every way and I hope that this blog helps you to draw closer to Christ as well!

If you have a blog, what was your top post for February? 


One Response to “Top Posts for February 2012”

  1. Brandon, your new post categories look great! All the best for your writing goals and effort.

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