“That would never happen to me.”

February 28, 2012

It is interesting how many times people feel that their situations are so different than anyone else in the world. I cannot tell you how many times I have heard, “That would never happen to me.” 

It is like these people have convinced themselves that they live outside the influence of the world. Any factors that were present in other people’s lives are not present with them. They are immune to failing. 

I was reading Proverbs 7 and came across this passage:

And now, O sons, listen to me, and be attentive to the words of my mouth.

Let not your heart turn aside to her ways; do not stray into her paths,

for many a victim has she laid low, and all her slain are a mighty throng.

Her house is the way to Sheol, going down to the chambers of death.

The reader is being warned of this temptress. She lures men into her home. She seduces them and tells them she has everything ready to “take our fill of love til morning” (verse 18). Her husband is gone, and they can do whatever they please.

But the reader is warned that this event will “cost him his life” (verse 23). 

It is interesting to me that Solomon (the author of most of the Proverbs) does not encourage his readers to go ahead and try out the temptation. He never says that perhaps their fate will be different. Maybe, just maybe, the two of them will find true love this time, and the sin will not end up in integrity being tarnished and lives being ruined.

I believe that in this passage Solomon is not just referring to sexual temptation, but all sin that leads us away and entices us (check out James 1:12-18). 

We need to stop allowing ourselves to sin. We need to not have any tolerance for any kind of sin in our lives. I would even take it a step further and say we need to keep the appearance of sin out of our lives.

It is so deadly and can drag us away so easily that we should not even walk down the same street as the temptress. 

If you know of a place where you are tempted to sin, stay far away from it.

If there are people who you know tempt you to sin, do not hang out with them.

There is absolutely nothing that should be more important that living a righteous life before God. When you feel tempted to sin, get out of the situation. Run (quite literally) for your life. It is incredibly sad when someone who has been living so closely with the Savior, decides to allow sin into their lives and they go down a spiraling path.

And please, please, don’t shrug it off and say “that would never happen to me.” 


6 Responses to ““That would never happen to me.””

  1. Ron said

    very good point, i have known quite a few that seem to be above sin and then i find out later they have fallen right into the middle of it. we must not lean on our own strength.

    • I was wondering who this “Ron” was that commented. Exactly, if we try to do it on our own and think we are above sin we are just setting us up for failure. We must lean on Christ. Thanks for the comment Dad!

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  3. Part of living in a fallen world is the fact we are faced with temptations and sin. But at least we can rely on God’s saving power to overcome temptations and to be forgiven of sins.

    Great passages and points.

    • Thanks for your comment! There are temptations all around us but as you pointed out we have a God who is bigger and able to help us to overcome them. As long as we never grow “too big” for Him then we will find ourselves in a good place.

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