Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear

February 22, 2012

200 million Christians are persecuted around the world every single day. When I heard that number I didn’t even know what to think. All over this globe, every day there are Christians being beaten, tortured, or killed. We are not just talking 1 or 2 Christians.

200 million.

I came across this video and it changed the way my day was going to play out. I was getting ready to speak at FCA this morning and had a whole 5 minute devo planned out (I know a WHOLE 5 minutes!).

Then I watched this video and I could not think about anything else. It made me start thinking about my own life.

It made me think about the lives of the students I was going to be speaking to.

It made me think about my family and friends.

We have it so nice here in the United States of America. We have a wonderful country where we can worship as we like. I know that these rights are being questioned and it seems like the government is going to do all they can to cause Christians to worship differently, but right now, they don’t.

We gather freely on Sunday mornings, greeting each other with smiles and hugs. We talk about our weeks together and worship with live bands. We have voices and hands lifted high.

And we do all of it, with no thought of someone coming in to take our lives.

Now here is the real kicker for me. Those Christians who are persecuted every day, do much of the same things we do.

They continue to meet together. They sing songs and read Scriptures. They talk about their weeks and encourage and challenge each other. They do all this knowing that at any moment, their lives could be taken for it.

It does not stop them from going out and sharing Jesus with the world around them.

One man in the video above says he was asked “Why are you not scared?” His response was “Because perfect love cast out all fear.”

What if we lived like that? What if we were not afraid of being made fun of? What if we were not afraid of standing out? What if we stopped living the lives of “Sunday Christians” and boldly proclaimed Jesus to the world around us?

What if we started raising our children according to the Scriptures, even if that meant they were upset with us from time to time?

1 John 4:4 “You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

Stop living like you are defeated. Stop living as if you have received the poor end of the deal.

We are children of God! He loves us enough that He sent Jesus to die for us! And the best part is, Jesus did not stay in the tomb.

God has won, which means we are on the victorious side. We must make a stand for our faith. We have to reach out to the hurting and share Jesus with them. There is no option. As Christians we are ALL called to live differently.

So get out there and start changing the world around you.

What would change if we started living as true disciples of Jesus every day?


2 Responses to “Perfect Love Casts Out All Fear”

  1. As someone writing this comment from India, I know what you are talking about. But whether we are in India or U.S., as Christ followers, all we can say is, “perfect love casts out all fears!” After all, what can stop His voice from being heard? Who can escape His love? It is not only our love for our wonderful Lord, it is also His love for the people – it can’t be stopped!

    • What an amazing thought! “It can’t be stopped!” That is wonderful news. I am so glad to be able to experience God’s love and to pass it on to others. I need to do it more every day.

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