Honor and Help the Weaker, Don’t Harm

February 16, 2012

Have you ever run across someone who was just annoying? For some reason this person just rubs you the wrong way.

It could be that he won’t stop talking. Perhaps it is the way she puts emphasis on the way she looks and then makes sure everyone knows it. Or she constantly says things like “I’m ugly” just so you will give her a pick-me-up.

Maybe it is the way he walks, or how she talks.

I’m sure if I give you time you will think about someone doing something that you found annoying at some point in your life.

Think about this scenario. You and your friends always get together and go out to eat every Thursday evening. It is just a group of you going to hang out and talk about your weeks together. Or to spend some time bashing on each other, whatever you do when you go to eat with your friends.

Someone mentions a restaurant in town that is a favorite with pretty much everybody. You all start talking about it excitedly but in the back of your mind you know that “Frank” won’t want to go there.

The place serves alcohol and that really bothers him. He always talks about how he can’t go in places that serve alcohol because he has seen the effects of it and he cannot support a business that would do that.

He is ALWAYS ruining places to go and eat. So you all choose Burger King.

How annoying right? Can’t somebody just suck it up for once and stop thinking about themselves long enough for the rest of us to have a good time?

If you find yourself thinking that way you had better re-evaluate your priorities.

I wrote a post a while back about how being stronger does not give someone more rights. In this post though I want to focus on our attitude when we are interacting with “the weaker brother.”

It should not be a chore for us to help out a brother or sister in Christ. Very often they are not trying to ruin our fun or be a bother. They are actually dealing with something spiritually and they need our help and encouragement so that we do not drive them away.

Here in the mid-west just about everybody hunts. Even those living in the city will leave during hunting season to go find a place to do that. So hunting and eating red meat is just something we do (within the last couple years my wife has discovered deer meat and she would eat it for every meal. I think it makes her sad that I don’t hunt).

However if we run into a brother or sister who cannot reconcile God commanding us to take care of his creation and us going out and killing it then our response should not be to poke fun.

If we know a brother or sister who does not eat meat because it violates their conscience before God we should not put them down! We should honor that, because to force them to do something against their conscience is to force them to sin in their eyes. It could greatly hinder their relationship with God.

I’m not saying that you have to give up eating meat, drinking wine, listening to secular music, watching R rated movies, using contraception, or any number of things. But we must stop treating people who view those as sins for themselves as just a bother!

It is not often that we run into true innocence in our world. It is taken away so very quickly. If there are those who still cling to that in any area of their lives, it should be celebrated by us not put down.

This has been something I have been thinking about recently and I have been doing some heavy thinking about who in my life I treat with disdain because they make my life more difficult by thinking something is a sin that I don’t.

I encourage you to do the same! Pray for that brother or sister. Don’t pray that they would change their mind but pray that they would keep growing in Christ.

Also be sure to pray for yourself that your attitude would change toward them and that you would never be a stumbling block in their path.

What are some other examples of sins that are not directly stated in the Bible? Have you ever run across someone who views it as a sin? How did you respond?


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