Continuing With Endurance

February 15, 2012

It is amazing to me how many times people (myself included) make commitments or have aspirations and then never keep them. We start out with such vigor and determination, and yet we stop after a few weeks or months.

The passion fades and the idea just falls by the wayside with all of the other ideas we had that we stared and then stopped.

I have done this with working out, reading through the Bible in a year, journaling, dieting, calling a friend every week, and so much more!

It is always something different that keeps me from meeting my end goal. I run into a spell of being tired all of the time. Sometimes I have had an injury. I may just have way too many items on my plate so I have to get rid of one. The list goes on and on of the excuses I use to get out of my new commitment.

So how can we keep from dropping the ball again?

Make a plan. One reason that I see that people quit a commitment or quit on a goal is they have not really sat down to come up with a plan. They think something is a cool idea so they say to themselves, “Sure I will do that too.” The problem is they forget to factor in all of their other life activities. They also forget that it takes time to start a habit so they must really make an effort if they want to succeed.

Come up with a “why?” Why do you want to accomplish this? Is it to look good? for your family? the doctor said if you don’t you will die? What is the reason to begin this change? When you pin down your why (and you should probably pen it down as well) you will have a much greater chance of success. This way when you get frustrated or the passion begins to fade, you can look to your “why” and that will help you to keep pushing on.

Set small goals. This goes along with making a plan. Once you figure out what it is you want to accomplish you should sit down and come up with a series of smaller goals. How will you be able to tell you are making progress? If it is losing 20lbs, then make goals of when you want to be down 2 1/2 or 5lbs. These small victories will give you the motivation to keep moving forward for the larger one.

We often think about doing these kinds of things in the business world. Often we have difficulty transferring over into our personal lives. There is an even smaller carry-over into our spiritual lives.

Scripture tells us to “run with endurance the race that is set before us” (Hebrews 12:1). The problem is, our race is a very long one. When we become a Christian at a young age the race can seem like it will never end. We should always keep our eyes on the end goal. However, it helps if we make smaller goals along the way.

We should hide Scripture in our hearts. How about we start memorizing one verse every week or every other week.

If reading through the bible in a year seems like a lot to do, pick a book and go through it in a month.

Too often we get frustrated so we never even start. Don’t let that happen! Come up with a plan, write down your “why”, and start setting goals and meeting them.

Keep running with endurance. Don’t become disqualified. The rewards are great!


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