What to Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned

February 2, 2012

A couple months ago my wife and I switched doctors. We were going to one OBGYN during my wife’s pregnancy but he over books himself so much that each appointment was 3 1/2-4 hours behind.

Last month we had an appointment with our new doctor and we were in and out of the appointment within an hour, even with blood work drawn. It was wonderful to feel like our time was important and everyone in the office was very nice and helpful.

Then we had the 18 week check-up. We were supposed to get an ultrasound done as well as get a chance to see the doctor. Well the ultrasound technician was very sick and had gone home. Then our doctor’s father was having some sort of heart test done so she was with him.

We sat in the office 2 hours and only talked with a couple of nurses and then our appointment was rescheduled for 2 weeks from now.

Sometimes things just do not go exactly as we think they will. We may think an event will only take an hour or so but may in fact take up half the day.

Maybe traffic is really bad causing you to be late. Sometimes people don’t show up when they promise they will. Parents, children, teachers, friends, and coworkers can all let us down. These may not be big let-downs but sometimes they are.

We need to figure out what to do in those times.

Pray. If the person we are waiting on has not shown up and has not called to let us know why, maybe something is wrong. We should pray for that person. If they have really let us down and serious action needs to be taken, then prayer for God’s guidance to make the right decisions is a must.

Make the best of the situation. This does not always mean to just shrug it off, but for the smaller, less dire situations, it does. My wife and I had a great time joking around and talking in the doctor’s office yesterday. It was time just the two of us had to ourselves where we could enjoy each others company. Instead of getting upset, have some fun.

If the situation is more serious but nothing can be done about it yet, try to make the best of it until something can be done to change the situation. Even when the situation can be changed we must act in a Christ-like manner.

Ask yourself what God would want from you. How would God want you to treat the people around you? What would God want you to say to those causing this inconvenience? If you are like me, you may actually need to think about these answers before the situation comes up. This is not to always expect the bad but do prepare for it when needed.

Sometimes things just do not go the way we plan them. That can be very frustrating but there are actions we can take to do the best we can in situations we do not have much control over.

What other actions do you take when situations do not go as you plan?


5 Responses to “What to Do When Things Don’t Go as Planned”

  1. Christy said

    Working in mental health, I rarely have a predictable day… I try to remember Jesus was very interrupted and still was kind and gentle with those who interrupted. Sometimes, when I realize I’ve been blessed by an inconvenience I just have to smile, God is just so cool!

    • “Blessed by an inconvenience,” that is a great phrase! When we view a situation positively like that it really does change everything. And you just can’t look to a better example than Jesus! Thanks for the comment Christy!

  2. Great post, we have a six month old and I will never forget the nine month adventure of doctors and midwives. One answer to your question is I have a list of small habits that I want to start on my phone such as specific verses to memorize and contacts I want to occasionally encourage. When I get held up, I grab my list and act on one. I find myself less frustrated and much more productive.

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