Following Jesus After the Mountaintop

January 25, 2012

Last Wednesday to Sunday one of the churches in the area held a revival. It was mainly a youth revival but people of all ages were encouraged to come. Although I did not go, I know lots of people who did.

That whole time I saw Facebook statuses about how great God is and how they learned to trust in Him. I heard people talk about parts of the message they heard. It was really cool to hear so many people encouraged by this event.

Here we are a week from the starting point of that revival. Everyone has now settled back down into their regular routines. Kids are going to school, work continues as always, and family gatherings are back to normal (whatever that means).

My biggest concern is for the continued spiritual growth of each individual. What happens when opposition strikes? Are they continuing to read Scripture and hide it in their hearts? Are they continuing to meet with other believers even after the revival?

It makes me think about Moses. Perhaps this is because I am super spiritual and I make great biblical connections to life examples. It’s probably because I am currently reading through Exodus so my mind makes connections however it can to what I have been reading.

Moses ran away from Egypt and spent 40 years as a shepherd. He got married and seemed to have a pretty good life. I’m not sure how often he thought about killing the Egyptian but I’m sure it came up in his mind every now and then. Other than that, from all we know he seemed to have a decent life.

Then God showed up.

God spoke to Moses and told him to go free His people. Now most of us wait until we get off of our mountaintop experiences with God before arguing with Him, but not Moses. Moses is right there being spoken to directly by God and he starts making up excuses!

Finally Moses agrees to go. His brother Aaron met with him so Moses’s confidence level is a little higher. He has his brother by his side and he has a message direct from God.

Then Moses faced opposition. He knew it would happen (because God told him it would) but I’m sure it was difficult to hear. Not only did Pharaoh oppose him, but so did the leaders of Israel!

Then time after time Pharaoh’s heart was hardened (Exodus 9:7), or Pharaoh hardened his own heart (Exodus 8:32), or God hardened Pharaoh’s heart (Exodus 9:12). Time after time Moses had to make a stand for God. In the end because of Moses’s faithfulness, he was able to lead the people into freedom from slavery.

What an amazing picture for us! Sometimes we have mountaintop experiences. We feel so close to God and we feel like we know exactly what He wants us to do with our lives.

After those times we need to keep digging deeper. We must cultivate our life so that He can keep moving in great ways! Opposition will arise. God promises that. Hard times we surface but that must not shake our faithfulness.

Keep praying. Keep putting God’s word in your heart. Keep meeting with other believers! Keep living faithfully!

Our God is bigger than the obstacles that we face. He is still in control even when we are unsure of the outcome. Never give up hope. Run the race with endurance. Running a race is hard and after a while you begin to get out of breath and your legs hurt like crazy but you must keep running if you expect to finish.

Mountaintop experiences are good. They are out of the ordinary and they reignite our flames. But do not forget that real spiritual growth happens every moment of everyday.

It may be in those times that you are able to lead people to freedom… and isn’t that what we are trying to do?

What do you do to cultivate your life with God on a daily or weekly basis? What do you do when times get hard?


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