Resolutions and Telling People About Jesus

January 6, 2012

Well, we have made it. It is now the end of the first workweek of this year. How have you done? Did you make a resolution this year? Have you already given it up?

A majority of people in this country make New Years resolutions. Almost everybody expects this year to be different than the one they just experienced. Even if last year was great, they still expect the greatness to continue, so they make a resolution to make it happen.

Most people though, within the first month (if not the first week) give up their resolutions. It seems like there is a big hype in the days counting down to the New Year and then it happens and this year feels just like last year. People quickly lose excitement and at a rapid rate, start dropping their resolutions.

Here are some tips for keeping your resolutions.

Make it before New Years Eve. My wife told me about her resolution. Then she mentioned she had been thinking about it since November! This allows for us to really think through our plan of action. Will you be able to do this in the coming year? What will it take for this resolution to become a reality? This makes it possible for you to actually plan it out and not just make it on a whim.

Understand that YOU have to want it to happen. If you are just following someone else’s resolution because you think it is cool it is much less likely to happen. This is a change that you really want to make. One way to measure whether you really want it to happen or not is by realizing how long you have been thinking about it.

Set up check points and consequences. Sometimes it takes a while to reach the end of a goal (like in losing weight). You can set up check points. If your goal is to lost 60 pounds and you have lost 10 what happens? If you have not lost 10 in 6 months what happens? These will help you to stay on track better.

Tell other people. I am not saying you have to post this on facebook. Instead, tell someone who will keep you accountable. Find a friend who will be honest with you about your progress and who will challenge you to keep it up. This will help you continue on, even when the excitement of the new year has passed. My person is my wife. I know that she will challenge me, and she already has been.

Thinking about how many resolutions are made every year and how often we fail causes me to think about God. We mess up all of the time, but God never does. If God was to make a resolution He would keep it, of course that is to say God would need to make one and I just don’t think that is the case.

Except maybe he would make the resolution to see someone else come to salvation. I know that year after year it hurts Him to see so many people rejecting His will for them. He loves us all so much and yet people deny His existence.

As we are figuring out our resolutions, let’s add one more to the mix. Let’s decide we are going to live out our faith more fully. Let us decide that we are going to have more conversations about our faith, especially with those who do not believe.

Begin to pray about someone you know who is outside of Christ. Pray for opportunities to share the Gospel with them so that they can enter into the salvation that God freely offers them through Jesus. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into these opportunities and conversations.

2012 can be a great year for our Lord. Do not let another year go by without reaching out to those outside of Christ. Do not let another year go by without telling them over and over about Jesus.


Have you been able to keep your resolutions so far? What has helped you to do that? Will you add one more about living your faith more fully and reaching out to the lost?


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