Don’t Wait, Do it Now

January 4, 2012

Yesterday’s post was about the way God comforts us. For today I am going to follow up on that a little bit. Only this time, it has a little more to do with actions we take.

It was always funny to me in college, and by funny I mean sad really. There was a progression that most people took. They would come to college super excited. They were ready to learn about the Bible and grow so that they would be better equipped to present the gospel.

Then after the first week they were a little disheartened, mostly because there is a test you take during orientation. It’s called the Bible Content Test but most people referred to it as the “Shows Me How Much I Don’t Know About the Bible” test.

But after a little bit the downhearted feeling left and the excitement returned. We realized how much there was for us to learn and now we were ready to do it.

Then most people hit another stage. It was the know-it-all stage. We had taken one or two Bible classes and maybe a practical ministry class, so now we knew what it took to do great ministry. There were discussions all over campus by people who knew everything and needed to share it with others (which is not necessarily a bad trait).

The stage I really wanted to get at though was the “I can’t wait to get out of here” stage. This hit students a different times, but a lot of people wished they were already gone from school.

They were done sitting and learning. They were done doing all of the “busy work” and wanted to go help people. They wanted to go do ministry.

It was this attitude that really always surprised me. I would think, “Wait a minute. You can’t wait to get out of here so that you can do ministry?” It was like they were saying as long as they were in this institution, ministry was out there someone.

I realize that sometimes God presses on our hearts certain people. Some students were really drawn to Mexico or China. Others were drawn to Alaska or Kenya. That is where their heart was. I get that.

But what I do not get is the feeling of having to wait to do something great! Unless we are practicing our faith right now; unless we are reaching out to the hurting and taking care of them right now, what makes you think you will do it anymore in the next stage of your life?

As Jesus went up into heaven after his death and the Apostles watched, he told them to go three places. He said to go to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and the ends of the earth.

Your heart may be in one of those “ends of the earth” places, but until you are there, practice your faith in your Jerusalem.

Reach out to the lost and hurting right in your town. That’s one reason God has you there right now! Don’t pass up the drunk stumbling along, lost and confused simply because he is not walking down the streets of Tokyo. Don’t send someone on to fend for themselves just because you are not yet in your desired city.

Reach out right now. Help the widow and orphan (James 1:27) right there in your town. They all need Jesus. They all need to hear the wonderful message that He came to give. They all have needs that we can help meet as we share this message with them.

Remember, God has placed you right where you are for a reason. Even if it is just to prepare you for the next stage of life. Don’t put serving the community on hold. Lead the charge!


6 Responses to “Don’t Wait, Do it Now”

  1. Brandon, this post does have a prophetic edge. Thanks for sharing it!

    It’s true that sometimes we keep waiting for our ‘promise land’ while we forget to bloom where God has planted us now. As you very well put it, we got to start from ‘Jerusalem’, not from ‘ends of the earth’!

  2. What a great reminder. We can take, and should take, action right now to bring glory to God in our little corner of the world. So often we think this has to happen with major steps and programs, but simple daily obedience is what it boils down to.

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