Top Posts for 2011

December 29, 2011

I am going to spend these last two days of posting in 2011 putting up lists. Today’s list will be my top posts for the year and then tomorrows post will be a list of the books I have read and a quick summary of them. Enjoy!

Here are my top posts for 2011. I did not start blogging until late August so really this is only the top ten from 4 months and a week.

Tell God What You Are Thinking  November 17

What is Right for Me? December 14

Being Patient Now December 9

God and Athletics October 28

Peace that Surpasses Comprehension December 7

Being Stronger Does Not Give You More Rights October 20

Keeping the Important Stuff Important October 7

Kindness = Tolerance? December 13

Perspective Changes Things October 17

Offering the Hurting Something Special: Silence November 3

Those are currently my top ten posts. If you missed one go ahead and click on it. See what the excitement was about. As you can see not all of my top posts are from December which is pretty exciting. It shows that some posts have been revisited. Also 4 our of my top ten came from the series I did on the Fruit of the Spirit. Tomorrow I will have a list of the books I read this year and then I will start back blogging January 3, 2012!

If you have a blog what were your top posts for the year? 


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