God Did What?

December 23, 2011

Being my last post before Christmas I thought focusing on the account of Jesus coming to earth was fitting. Even if you do not celebrate Christmas because “this is not the time of year Jesus was actually born and we just hijacked a pagan holiday,” spending time focusing on this account is important for us.

If Jesus did not come to this earth, then His mission would have never been accomplished. He had to come to earth as a baby boy (Isaiah 9:6-7), born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). He had to have a virgin mother (Isaiah 7:14).

In Jesus’ life He fulfilled all of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah. That is amazing! That kind of thing cannot happen without the hand of God! Praise God!

Earlier this year I listened to Francis Chan tell the story about a time when he was preparing for a Christmas service. He was mulling over in his head how to make it fresh, exciting, and new. Then he stopped what he was doing and thought: “I should be able to stand in front of a group of people and say ‘God became human’ and we should just all go ‘NO WAY’ and fall on our faces and worship for an hour.”

No amount of fancy talking can make the coming of our Savior more exciting than that. Jesus was in the presence of God and He decided to give up certain qualities so that He could come to this earth and live life as a human.

He was born as a baby… God! This is God we are talking about. He had to rely on Mary and Joseph to provide the things a baby needs. Talk about being humble.

He was born in a stable. He was there with animals and all the things animals leave behind. Stokelan Drive Christian Church just put on our living nativity and we had a few sheep and a donkey. By the end of the week they stunk! Yet it was among that where our Savior chose to come into the world!

It is ridiculous to think that our God would humble Himself in this way. He was there at the creation of the world. He was there when Adam and Eve decided to disobey and created a void between themselves and God.

He was there over and over when mankind stabbed Him in the back with their rebellions and prostitution with other gods.

Yet He still came in this very humble way, to live a life in a frail human body. It’s funny how often we think we are the greatest beings ever but in comparison to God we are nothing at all. I like to compare God becoming man as us becoming cockroaches. Gross right? Exactly.

But He did. Because He loves us so much! God loves us so much that He sent Jesus. He does not wish anyone would perish.

There is no way I can express how much that moves me. I am so thankful and full of joy that my God would come to this world and be born and live a humble life. Then, He has His life cut short and dies on a cross.

For me.

For you.

The thought of the Father and Son being apart for a short while; the thought of the Son going through the terrible torture and hours of death was more tolerable than spending eternity without us.

Even though we continue to mess up. Even though we are not always faithful, He still desires that we choose Him and come back.

There are no words to describe how beautiful that is!

So this Christmas make sure to spend some time focusing on why we celebrate. I really cannot believe there are any churches that are not having service on Christmas day. That is the reason we celebrate this holiday! Where else would you want to be?!

So Christmas eve, or before opening presents, or at the service Christmas morning (or at all three!!), make sure to spend time remembering the real reason we celebrate. Read the story (Luke 2 is my favorite account). Share the joy.

What Christmas traditions do you have that focus on the coming of our Savior?


One Response to “God Did What?”

  1. Good post, Brandon.

    I like Christmas because that’s how Jesus came in search of me and saved me! That’s why I celebrate Christmas.

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