Following Like a Child

November 23, 2011

It is fascinating having a one year old around the house. I am amazed at all the things he does. Babies really do change so much in that first year of life. My son is 14 months old now and he is into everything! He walks pretty much anywhere he wants. He can go up and down the stairs. He wants to push the boundaries and see how far he can get before we tell him not to do something or redirect his attention.

For many people that attitude does not change. We try to push the boundaries of our lives. We want to see how far we can get before someone tells us no. Sometimes that can be a good thing. We push the boundaries of typical thinking until we come up with something new that will help human kind.

Other times, pushing our boundaries is not as good. We want to see how much we can get away with before God steps in and attempts to redirect us. When God gives a command in the Bible we may read it and think, “Yes but how close can I get to that before it is wrong?”

We may think well “God promised He would provide a way out of sin just look at 1 Corinthians 10:13!” That may be true. But for the recovering alcoholic perhaps the way out should not be when he gets to the bar but rather the ability to say no to friends when they ask him out.

I feel like sometimes we get so close to sin just to prove that we can, like we are more of a Christian because we were able to say no to the sin even though the temptation was at it’s strongest.

This is not the life that God has desired for us! I would like to watch my son play and see him go nowhere near the things he is not supposed to touch. It does not bring me great joy when he reaches out for it with fingers almost touching it as he turns around to see if I am looking. Then he pulls his hand back and shakes his head no, as if he has just then made the decision it is bad to touch and he thinks I should hop on board.

Do not get me wrong, I am not trying to be legalistic and tell you to make a rule to keep you from breaking God’s law and then another rule to keep you from breaking your own rule. But we should want to please God so much that we stay as far away from breaking his laws as possible. If breaking God’s law is falling off a cliff, then we should stay as far away from that cliff as possible, not see how close we can get to death.

There is so much on this side of life for us to enjoy and experience that God has designed for us! Let’s enjoy it!

Last imagery for today using my son, I promise. When I come home for the day, Noah is usually playing in the living room. As I walk around, doing all the things I do when I get home, he leaves what he has been doing and follows me. He follows me in the kitchen, into the living room, as close to the bathroom as he can. It does not matter where I am going, he just wants to be with me and he wants to be like me.

This is going to continue. He is going to imitate me in good and bad. I need to make sure that my life is worthy of being imitated, because whether it is or not, the chances are, this boy is going to grow up to be a lot like me. That is why I want to live a life that is pleasing before God.

May that be our desire as well. Rather than trying to get as close to sin as possible, may we follow our heavenly Father wherever He leads. May we desire to be like Him so much, that we imitate His movements and lovingly do as He asks.

How do you show God everyday that you love Him? Is there someone who imitates you? How are you leading them to Christ?


2 Responses to “Following Like a Child”

  1. Great post, Brandon!

    We have a great responsibility on our shoulders to show Jesus to those around us through our actions and words. Even without our knowledge, it’s happening through our every day actions.

    Though it’s not connected, I thought I would share one of my posts’ link here that talks about finishing our race strong and well, whether it’s every year or life itself. You may check it out here:

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