Why Men Hate Going to Church by David Murrow

November 18, 2011

Why Men Hate Going to Church is a book that is about that exact topic. No hidden meanings to be found here. David Murrow spends time in this book discussing what he calls the “gender gap.” In a majority of Churches around the world (although he focuses mostly on the problem in the USA) there is a surplus of women and a shortage of men. In the first section of the book Murrow sets up the problem. He takes 6 chapters to assure the readers that there is in fact a gender gap. He comes to the conclusion that the missing men are mostly between the ages of 18-35 and they are single. They are outgoing masculine type men. Then He spends the next 8 chapters explaining why they are gone. He brings up problems from feminine music in our churches to the fear of becoming womanly. Finally, in the last 11 chapters Murrow discusses how he thinks we can bring men back to the church and get them excited about growing and inviting their friends.

This book was spectacular! From the moment I saw the title on Booksneeze.com (where I got this book for free) I was sucked in. I have been considering starting some sort of program to attract men to our church so I thought this book would be perfect. It was even better than I thought. I would challenge you to find your man to woman ratio in your congregation. Look for songs this week that seem to be bringing to the singers “into the bedroom with Jesus.” Find masculine images around the building or illustrations in the Preacher’s sermons. Not as many as you thought? Read this book! Murrow has convinced me that when we get the men back, our churches will grow and thrive as they have not been doing for some time now. Jesus spoke to the men and the church grew in the beginning. Also in this book Murrow makes sure to point out that the point is not to phase out women. It is not to say that they are not important. Instead he is just pointing out that there are a lot of men who do not come to church and he has some ideas to get them in.


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