Jesus Who?

November 14, 2011

Right before my freshman year in high school I attended a CIY conference. One day they were teaching on the Kingdom of God and they gave everyone one of those Burger King crowns to wear throughout the day.

As I was walking back for the evening session a lady stopped me to ask about the crown. I told her about how we were at a CIY conference learning about Jesus. She looked at me and said “Jesus?” I replied with something along the lines of “Yes, as Christians we are a part of His Kingdom. We follow God.” Then she said “OH! It is religious. Religious.”

This lady had never heard of Jesus. I was not reminding her of a religious figure she had heard of as a child. She was hearing about Jesus for the first time. That blew my mind then and it continues to blow my mind now.

The Christians here in America pride ourselves on how this is a “Christian nation.” Many say this country was founded on Christian principles and we need to continue to uphold those.

It seems as though there are churches on every corner. Right now within a 3 block radius of my house I can think of 6 different churches, and that is not even all of them in this town of 5,123 people! Yet somehow there are people walking around in this country who not only do not follow Jesus but they have never even heard of Him!

That should not be! With the number of churches in the United States of America and the large number of people who claim to be Christians in this country there should not be individuals who have never even heard of Jesus.

Why are we not telling others about Jesus?

Fear of Persecution. We are afraid people may make fun of us or not understand. That possibility will never go away. We need to stand up and fight through the fear. There are countries where Christians actually die or are severely hurt for because they stand up for their faith. That is not happening here in the USA, yet we are afraid to tell others? Paul writes that the wisdom of God is foolishness to those who do not believe. It may seem foolish to those who are hearing for the first time but we still need to tell them! I believe I was watching Dinosaur Train with my son and one of the lessons was we need to face up to our fears so that it wont be so scary anymore. If some ridiculous cartoon gets it, we certainly need to. Do not let fear stop you!

The Busyness of Life. It is true that life gets busy. We run from one thing to another because we pack our schedules full of activities. We feel if we are sitting around the house with family then we are not being active. We bounce from one thing to another. We use that as an excuse for not sharing Jesus. It’s not. If we are that busy then we need to remove something we are doing. No question about it. Find an activity that is not as important and stop your interaction with it. As a Christian being too busy to share the saving message of Jesus is not an option.

Do not have all the answers. That is okay. That is why God gave us His word, so we can study it and find the answers. We also have friends, family, or ministers who may be able to help us find the answers to the questions we have or that those we are sharing Jesus with have. If someone asks you a question you do not have the answer to just reply with something like “I’m not really sure I know the answer to that. Let me get back to you.” Then, actually get back to them!

Just don’t care. Sometimes there are those who just don’t care if they spread Jesus. They do not want to offend anyone or they feel “let those people live that way and I will live mine.” I would seriously be concerned about your salvation if that is the case. Jesus’ final words to us were about sharing His message. He told us to do it! It was not an option. Get out there and spread the gospel.

I have never liked the quote from St. Francis “Share Christ at all times, when necessary use words.” We should always use words. The Scriptures ask how can someone be saved unless they hear. Telling about Jesus is not just for preachers and great book writers. Let nobody you interact with be able to ask “Jesus Who?”

What are other reasons we do not share the message of Jesus? How do we overcome those reasons?


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