Christians and America

October 18, 2011

It’s that time again. What time is it? Well let’s set the stage. It is October of 2011, which puts us at just over a year until November of 2012. For you hunters out there I can already see the wheels turning, but I am sorry to say this has nothing to do with hunting season 2012.

It’s time for Campaign Ads and Presidential Debates! That’s right ladies and gentlemen we are just over a year away from the election of 2012! I can already feel the excitement growing. My wife and I have discovered that by living in the boot heel of Missouri we are going to pick up all kinds of campaign drama (That is, if we watch TV). We have already seen a few ads and we will see more because we pick up stations from Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Arkansas. Oh boy, we are going to know the bad stuff about all of the candidates running.

Last night I read from Romans 13. It got me thinking about some of a Christian’s responsibility to government. Now this was written during a time when Nero was emperor of Rome. This was not a good guy. He would drive he chariots around at night but needed lampposts to do it so he would dip someone in pitch, crucify them, and light them on fire. This is the kind of leader who in in power at the time of this letter.

Check out what Paul says “Every person is to be in subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those which exist are established by God.”   Did Paul realize that Nero was in charge? Surely this stopped being true after Nero burned the city of Rome and blamed it on the Christians! No, I don’t think so.

So where does Romans 13:1-7 take us? What is our response to be then?

Pray for the governing authorities. I am not talking about that bumper sticker that says something like “Finally a prayer I can pray about Obama: 109:8” Which says “Let his days be few; let another take his office.” Listen, I understand that some people like President Obama and others do not. But do you know what your response as a Christian should be no matter what side of the political fence you ride? Pray for him! Be in prayer for the upcoming election.

Keep doing good. This set of verses says that we should not be afraid to do what is good but that we should be afraid to do what is evil. Again this was said during a time that Christians were thrown into the Circus Maximus. It was a game to go watch a Christian fight for his life. That still did not give Christians a reason to stop acting the way God commands us to act! Even if we will be singled out, even if no one will take us seriously and will single us out and attack us, keep doing good! We are in good company if we suffer. All of the Apostles died because of persecution except John who was exiled. Take courage to know that even if you do suffer for good, so did they. So did Jesus.

Be involved. Now this set of verses ends with telling the readers to pay their taxes. Jesus also talked about “rendering to Caesar what is Caesar’s.” Even if you do not agree where your tax dollar is heading, there is a command to pay. I do not particularly like to get involved in the world of politics. I would never run for office (and not only because I am not qualified). Some Christians, though, feel the call of God leading them to go beyond simply paying taxes. If that is the case, then follow God’s calling.

Remember real change happens from the ground up. If you are dissatisfied with the government, then get involved in the lives of the people around you! The reason we have the people in power today is (God has placed them there) because we, as a nation, have voted for them. They did not rise to power all on their own! Want to change the power? Change the lives of those you know. Proclaim the Truth wherever you are, whatever you are doing! The Holy Spirit will not return void.

Now I do not want to come across as though I believe being a Christian is a political thing. It is not. Being a Christian is way more than that. However, I do realize that many people are frustrated with the world we live in and they wish it was different, so I thought we could take a look at Scripture and see if there was a response we were to have. There is! May you honor God in the upcoming year as we draw closer to the election of 2012.

How do you plan to honor God as we approach the election? Are you currently praying for our leaders?


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