God Does Not Get Brainfarts

October 13, 2011

Going from writing basically nothing for a few years to posting a blog 4-5 times every week is not as easy as it may look! There have been some days that I almost didn’t post (and maybe shouldn’t have) because I was having such a difficult time putting my thoughts together. Some days the content flows naturally, just like it has always been waiting there for me to type up. Other days it is like riding a bike up a steep hill on the highest gear!

Sometimes I just get what can only be described as brainfart. It is like those frustrating moments when you click on a link on your computer and nothing happens. The cursor turns into a little blue circle and spins around, but that is it. You then have a starring contest with the screen to see who will blink first (If this has never happened to you, please come trade me computers). That is what brainfart is like. No matter what I do, I cannot get my brain to think in fluid thoughts, or sometimes even in complete sentences.

When this happens to me, it makes me think about God. I think about how small I am when I compare myself to Him. I know that God doesn’t get brainfarts.

We hear, in Genesis about God creating the world. God made it all. That is intense. All that we can see God made it! The earth, sky, and sea. God made the animals that walk on the ground, birds that fly, and fish that swim. He made the bugs and each plant. When I think about the earth and it’s complexity, it blows my mind to know that God made it all. What an imagination!

Last night at youth group we talked a little bit about the power of God. Think for a moment about the biggest storms you have been through. I think about all the tornadoes that hit this summer, especially the one that hit Joplin. Around here there was a large ice storm that left many without power for weeks. I love to watch thunderstorms. The deep rumble of thunder and the beautiful displays of lighting show such power. But as powerful as all of that is, God is more! It is all part of His creation.

I also think about humans. God made us in His image. We are able to display power and imagine and make complex decisions. Yet with all that mankind has done and will continue to do, we are just part of the creation. There is one who is even more great and powerful (now that is a humbling thought).

God is awesome. There are no words to describe. We can try, but they do not completely do the job. He is just too great for words! God continues to do great works today. He continues to use His creativity through His creation.

Beautiful sunsets

Newly fallen snow

The changing leaves of autumn

A Newborn child

Colorful flowers in the spring

Snow topped mountains

Star-filled sky as seen away from the city

God gives us all of these things, and so much more. He did not just provide them once and then left us to remember some distant time in our lives. He gives us new sights all of the time.

It is great to know that we have a God who loves us and wants us to enjoy His creation. It is an awesome thought to know that we have a God who does not get brainfarts.

What are your favorite things about God’s creation? What qualities of God do they remind you?


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