Walking in Step With Jesus

October 12, 2011

My wife and I go for a walk almost every evening. We live in town now so we put Noah in the stroller and we just go out and walk around the neighborhood. Going for walks during this part of the season is an especially beautiful activity. All of the leaves are changing on the trees, the sun is setting and usually there is a slight breeze. As we walk, we are given an opportunity to talk. We talk about what has happened during our day, or just thoughts we had. We make plans about upcoming events or discuss ministry.

One thing I have noticed during these walks, Jenny goes faster than I do. She blames it on the fact that she is walking both of the dogs and they pull her, while I am pushing Noah who is perfectly content just sitting and waving at all the cars that drive by (and some things he must be imagining because we don’t see them). Whatever the reason, our strides become different, and when that happens the conversations start to dwindle. When Jenny starts to move ahead but continues to talk I cannot understand what she is saying. I have to speed up or ask her to slow down so that the conversation can continue.

In my devotion, the verse of focus was Genesis 5:24. Let me quote it here for you, “And Enoch walked with God; and he was not, for God took him.” What an amazing way to be remembered! Enoch walked with God. Some people are remembered for the great things they accomplished or for the sins they committed, not Enoch. Remember Enoch? He walked with God.

As Christians, we are called to do the same thing. Jesus speaks of a narrow gate and path that we are to walk. The disciples walked everywhere with Jesus and learned from Him. They would walk and talk. They walked by a fig tree and Jesus taught them a lesson. They walked to this city or that city with Jesus teaching them all along the way.

As the teacher, it would make sense that Jesus would set the pace for their travel. The disciples were following Jesus around, not the reverse. It would be up to them to fall into step with the Master. The same is true today.

We are not to set the pace for our lives! We do not read about the disciples deciding together that they were going to go a certain way, and hope that Jesus followed them. The verse in Genesis was not “God walked with Enoch.” The idea is the God set the pace and direction. We have a purpose in life, and that is to bring glory to God, to seek after Him. It is ridiculous for us to think that we are going to do something and that God is going to bless it simply because we feel it is a great idea. What egotistical narcissism! It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. I have thrown off myself and now am living for Christ. I walk with Him. He sets my pace.

Everyday we walk with Jesus. Sometimes walking just become habit. We walk passed the same trees, we see the same houses along the road. Even then, we walk with Jesus. Even when nothing “exciting” happens, we walk with Jesus. We cannot pick and choose the days. “Well Thursday I have some pretty awesome stuff to be doing, catch ya later Jesus.” Our commitment to our Lord is daily, no matter what. If we do not walk in the drudgery, how can we expect to walk when things get tough, or when things are going well and we “do not need” God? Everyday we pick up our crosses and follow Him.

As we walk, we learn. Jesus lived a life walking, talking, thinking, and acting the way God desired. His life was not about Himself but about the Father (John 4:34). Our entire lives must be about our walking with the Lord. Jesus teaches us how to have an entire life wrapped up in the Father. We must learn from His example. Even in the drudgery of life, we walk and we learn.

It is an honorable word to have said of you. “You know Brandon? He walks with God.” I want to bring a smile to my Father’s face. I want to know Jesus and walk with Him wherever He leads. I must keep in step with His movements. It’s not easy, but when I am there, it is the most amazing experience. I desire to be in His word, to meet with His people. It is not a chore. It is a blessing to do these things because I am walking with the Lord.

Are you in step with Christ? What are you doing to make sure you are walking with Him?


2 Responses to “Walking in Step With Jesus”

  1. Rose B said

    Thank you for this reminder. It is so easy to get out of step with Christ and to try to do things in our own strength. Part of staying in step with Christ is living in community with his people (attending corporate worship, Bible study and prayer times) and another element of staying in step is our personal times of worship/study/prayer. I love your statement, “Even in the drudgery of life, we walk and we learn.” I can’t tell you how many prayer times I’ve had while cleaning the bathrooms of my house! How sweet the time becomes, even least favorite chores, when we do our work for the Lord and with the Lord. (I needed this reminder, because my bathrooms are very dirty right now….drudgery can become sweet communion…maybe they’ll get clean tomorrow and maybe my spirit will be lifted in the process!)

    • I’m glad I was able to help! I think the first time I really heard the word drudgery used was in a devotional book by Oswald Chambers and it has really stuck with me, especially when it come to our everyday life. I hope your bathrooms get clean! But even more than that I hope that you have wonderful communion with God doing whatever you do!

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