Flour, Oil, and God

September 27, 2011

In 1 Kings 17 we find Elijah being commanded by God to go to a land and dwell there for a while. When he gets there he meets a widow. Elijah is hungry so he asks the woman to get him some food but she is going home to make the very last loaf of bread her and her boy will eat before they die. Elijah tells her that if she makes him a small cake from her supplies first that the flour and oil she has will not run out until after the rain returns to the land.

Can you imagine what is going through this woman’s mind? She is unsure of who Elijah is and he is asking her to use up part of her last meal to give to him. Maybe she has strong faith and believes him. Maybe she just figures if it doesn’t work, her and her boy were going to starve anyway so it doesn’t matter if their last meal is all that big. Whatever her reasoning, she goes ahead and makes the cake for him and the flour and oil do not run out.

Between this story and the “Balanced” sermon series I have been listening to by Andy Stanley, I have been greatly reminded about how the possessions I “own” are not really mine. It all belongs to God!

Money: This is the easy one to reference but a hard one to live out. Money is so vital to everything that we do. It is difficult to come the realization that the money I have, I have because of God’s providence. My wife and I immediately take out a portion of our weekly check to put in the next week’s offering. Even when things are running tight (and they do!) we refuse to touch that money. That is specifically set aside for the church. Not just that money is God’s though, it all is! So before blowing all of our money for the week, we ask ourselves “is this how God would want me to use this?” It is a difficult process to get into the habit of doing but it is so rewarding!

Career: It is easy to separate our spiritual lives from our careers. We are often surrounded by those who do not hold to the same convictions we do, so it can be easy to “lax” while we are at the job. God wants our whole lives though. We need to make sure that we are following His will even at work. This is a great opportunity to be a witness to our coworkers as well as growth as we trust God even when it is hard.

Family: Our family is a blessing from God (even when they may not seem like it). We need to be good stewards of them as well. It is often a struggle for men in ministry to not give their families the leftovers. They deserve so much more than that. They deserve our all just as our work does. I pray for my family everyday. I pray with my wife, and I pray with my son. I want to make sure that God is leading us and that I am trusting in Him. I will be judged by how well I lead my family. This leading though is really following after God. It is God who really provides and who does the leading and I need to make sure that I am trusting Him enough to do that.

There are of course lots of areas in our lives we could talk about (starting with possessions), but this is a good place to start. God desires us to follow and trust Him with our entire lives, not just small parts of it. It is all His anyway, we are just stewards of what He has entrusted to us. Let’s make sure to treat His things and people well!

What areas of your life have you been discovering God is actually in control of? How have you been able to let it go and give it to Him?


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