Average Joe by Troy Meeder

September 22, 2011

I just finished reading the book “Average Joe” by Troy Meeder. I got this book for free from http://waterbrookmultnomah.com/bloggingforbooks/.  In this book Meeder attempts to take a look at what it means to be an average Joe and how that life is actually quite rewarding. He begins his book by discussing his definition of an average Joe. When using this term he seems to mean a man who works a blue collar job, not making a whole lot of money, has a wife and maybe a kid or two. His point is that this job is in no way glamorous to the world. He then posses the question of why this life seems so terrible. He argues that it is not and somewhere along the way we have lost sight of what is important. Then he spends the next few chapters writing about average Joes that he has met or has come to greatly admire. The last part of his book he uses stories from his life as an average Joe. He does this again to show how God uses “average” me to do great things for God’s kingdom. He challenges the reader to live our life closer to Jesus.

I had some difficulty getting into this book. It seemed the way Meeder tried to raise up the life of an “average Joe” he downplayed the life of someone who is not so average. It almost seemed as if he had a problem with men who were “well off.” Also, sometimes his definition of an average Joe bothered me, especially in the chapter titled “Soldier.” There is absolutely nothing average about what these brave men and women do. They go up and beyond the call of duty, something found in not many people. Also he said “With names like Mike, Joe, or Bill, these young men are average Joes…”  Does a simple name make an average Joe? I had some problems with the images he used and the way he tried to prove his points. He also got up on his “soap box” a few times and I just wanted him to get to the point. I think the idea of the book is great but I was not completely pleased with how he presented it.


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