It’s Go Time

September 20, 2011

I am currently reading through a book. This book is about how God uses normal, everyday people to do His will. The author wants to make sure that the reader understands you do not have to be some big and famous person to pull off great and mighty things for the Kingdom. I am having difficulty with the way this author is presenting it (feels as though he is putting down the big and famous or cooperate people as if they are not used by God), but he brings up some wonderful points. These points are not something that this author just came up with though. This is something God has been showing us for a very long time.

SHEPHERDS??                                                                                     We see something amazing in the account of the birth of Christ. Let’s set the stage. Jesus has just come into the world. At the same time there are some shepherds hanging out with their flocks. Fun fact about sheep: they stink. This means that the people who worked with them also stunk. They were not the cleanest individuals. I am beginning to form an episode of “Dirty Jobs” in my mind. Shepherds did a job that nobody else wanted to do. They lived out on a hill away from society

Then, all of a sudden, an angel appears to them, telling them of the wonderful news of the Savior being born. Their lives are changed.

Believed                                                                                                   I am amazed at the shepherds response. Instead of thinking about checking it out tomorrow or thinking their was something in the food they had been eating, they believed the angel and went to go check it out!

Their belief resulted in action. Isn’t that how it should always be? Belief is not just something that happens in our heads. Belief changes how we live. When we believe the house is on fire, we get out as fast as we can. We do not just sit around pondering the heat and how powerful the flames are getting. The shepherds believed and it changed them.

More to the Story                                                                              What amazes me is that for as little as the shepherds knew, it did not keep them from sharing. They had been visited by an angel who told them what they would find and where. When they saw that it was true they praised God and told others about what they saw. How crazy this must have seemed to others!! But the shepherds did not care!

We know so much more! We know who Jesus was, what He came to do, and what He has done for us, but far too often we keep it to ourselves. We are afraid of looking foolish or being singled out as someone who believes differently. We have the whole truth and yet we sit on it! We cannot let the fear of what other people may think keep us back (Jesus told us this would happen, it should not surprise us)!

Let’s take our cue from the shepherd and start proclaiming Jesus to everyone we meet. Let us not be afraid of looking a bit foolish, after all, what the world sees as foolish is really wisdom. Let us cling to the hope that Christ gives us and go out into the world unashamed and unhindered!

What steps are you taking to step out in faith and proclaim the gospel?


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